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Installation of Windows onto a new machine can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Even worse, some machines--especially netbooks--don't have an optical disk drive. When installing Windows from CD, a lot of problems can crop up as well if the CD is scratched or damaged. CDs can be bulky and awkward to carry around, and every time they are removed from the case or sleeve, the chances of them becoming damaged or scratched increases. Optical disk technology is over two decades old. Isn't it time we started using a better option? That time has definitely come now with WinSetupFromUSB.

This handy utility allows users to install Windows onto a machine from a USB drive. This is a much more convenient and effective option for a multitude of situations. IT professionals will appreciate the ease of use; simply plug in the USB drive, boot the machine, and the installation will be up and running. It's so much easier to use than a CD. This can also be used on netbooks, so there's never any need to buy a separate external optical drive; those eat up too much battery power and are too bulky and noisy. WinSetupFromUSB can be used on multiple machines without worrying about damaging or scratching an optical disk. It runs off of any USB drive, so users can conceivably carry it around in their pocket. Try doing that with a CD!

WinSetupFromUSB is a revolutionary Windows installation utility that will certainly make fresh installations of Windows run much more smoothly than before. Whether you're an IT professional looking for a way to increase productivity or someone who's just plain sick and tired of getting halfway through an installation only to find that a scratch on your disk has caused data corruption, WinSetupFromUSB is an application worth trying out.

A Windows program, WinSetupFromUSB allows you to install any version of Windows since 2000/XP using a fixed disc or USB flash drive.

There are a number of benefits to this application. Chief among them is the app's ability to accommodate a wide range of different types of Windows versions. In addition, the app includes a simple to use interface. However, there are options available in the interface that are useful to a person with more experience.

On the down side, WinSetupFromUSB, novices may have some initial issues using the app. Despite the simple interface, a person needs at least some experience to ensure proper use.


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